How to Replace the New 2007 Mondeo Diesel Filter

Updated July 20, 2017

The 2007 Mondeo is one of Ford's newest family-sized cars. The 2007 Mondeo comes equipped with four doors and a diesel engine. The diesel engine comes equipped with a fuel filter responsible for keeping any impurities out of the fuel injectors. Once the fuel enters the filter, the fibres inside of the filter trap the impurities and prevent them from leaving. The clean diesel then flows into the fuel injectors. One main problem with the Mondeo fuel filter is that if the fuel filter is not properly primed, the engine will not start.

Park the 2007 Mondeo on a flat surface and set the parking brake. Open the bonnet and lock it in place.

Locate the fuel filter inside of the engine compartment. Place the fuel catch pan on the ground underneath the engine in the general area of the fuel filter.

Loosen and remove the fuel filter by turning it counterclockwise with a fuel filter removal wrench. Once the fuel filter is loose, remove the wrench and finish unscrewing the filter with your hands.

Remove the fuel filter from the fuel filter housing. Inspect the top of the fuel filter to ensure that the o-ring is still attached to the top of the fuel filter. Discard the fuel filter into the catch pan.

Hold the new fuel filter in an upright position. Fill the fuel filter completely with fresh diesel. Wait a few minutes for the fibres inside of the new filter to absorb the diesel. Add more diesel to the new filter until the diesel level stabilises at the top of the fuel filter. Dab a small amount of diesel around the o-ring on the top of the fuel filter.

Screw the fuel filter onto the threaded stud of the fuel filter housing in a clockwise direction until the fuel filter is tight. Once the filter is tight, use the fuel filter wrench to tighten the fuel filter another complete round. This will seat the o-ring of the fuel filter to the base of the fuel filter housing.

Turn the ignition key to the on position for about three seconds and then turn it back off. Repeat this process five or six times to completely prime the fuel filter with diesel and to remove any air from the fuel filter and the fuel system.

Crank the engine and let it run for about three minutes to ensure that all of the air is out of the fuel system. Inspect the fuel filter for any signs of leaks. Turn the engine off and close the bonnet. Remove the catch pan out from under the car.


The fuel filter for the 2007 Mondeo can be purchased at most any auto parts store.


Make sure that the new fuel filter is completely full of fresh diesel and that the ignition key is cycled on and off five or six different times to completely prime the fuel filter and to remove any air from the fuel system. If not, the engine could develop vapour lock from the air in the fuel system and not crank at all. Never smoke around any type of fuel such as gas or diesel. Refer to local and state laws that pertain to the discarding of used fuel filters and used diesel. Never dispose of used diesel onto the ground.

Things You'll Need

  • Fuel catch pan
  • Fuel filter removal wrench
  • Fresh diesel
  • New fuel filter
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