How to Get Street View in Google Earth

Updated March 23, 2017

The Street View feature of Google Earth and Google Maps allows you to navigate the streets of supported areas by panning and clicking through a series of panoramic photographs. These photographs were taken at regular distance intervals by a Google camera vehicle.

Open Google Earth.

Click the checkbox next to "Street View" in the "Layers" pane in the bottom left.

Zoom into an area of interest until yellow camera icons appear on the streets.

Double-click on a camera icon to move into Street View. Once inside, you may click and drag the cursor left and right, up and down, to pan around the image, or click forward or back to move up and down the street.


Street View can also be activated in the Web-based Google Maps interface.


Not everywhere in the world can be viewed using Street View. Sometimes an area simply has yet to be photographed; in other places, such as Greece, governments have refused to allow Google's camera vehicles to cover the city. Users in these places can still use Street View to look at locations with coverage.

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