How to Find an Early Model Suzuki Motorcycle VIN Number

Written by john smith | 13/05/2017
How to Find an Early Model Suzuki Motorcycle VIN Number
Find the VIN on an early model Suzuki motorcycle. (motorcycle image by Greg Pickens from

Japan-based Suzuki is a popular maker of motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and engines. Suzuki has been making motorcycles since the 1950s, which originally were built with a 2-stroke engine. All Suzuki motorcycles have a VIN number used to distinguish the make and model. These VINs (vehicle identification numbers) were not standardised by the automotive industry until 1981. Early model Suzuki motorcycles used various locations for the VIN, but you should be able to discover it if you check thoroughly.

Allow the bike to cool down.

Check on the front neck of the bike, between the handle bars. Look for either a metal tag or a set of characters stamped into the metal, between 11 and 17 characters long.

Look at the motor. Often the VIN is located somewhere on the top side of the motor, or on the frame next to it.

Search all around the frame of the bike. Run your fingers along the metal frame. If you cannot see the VIN, you should be able to feel it in the metal.

Call a Suzuki dealership or bring the motorcycle to the dealership if you can not locate the VIN. They will be able to help look over the bike and find the VIN.

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