How to check if a cell has been hacked or cloned

Updated April 17, 2017

If your cell phone is hacked or cloned, many things could happen. Someone else could have access to your personal information, and they could be using your information to steal your identity or do other things that are dangerous for you. There are several easy ways to check whether your cell phone has been hacked or cloned. However, you may need to get help from your cell phone provider when you are checking.

Request your cell phone records and double-check each of your outgoing calls and data transfers to be sure that you are not making calls or transferring data that you are not aware of. This could be a sign that your number has been hacked and someone else is using it.

Take your phone to your cell phone provider and ask the company to run a diagnostic test on it, checking for bugs or viruses that could have been a result of hacking or cloning.

Type your phone number into a search engine and see whether it comes up in any link that is not related to you.

Call your cell phone number from another location and see whether anyone picks up.

Check your credit to make sure no one has used your personal information to open up credit card accounts or take out loans.

Change all passwords and PINs as soon as you think you have been hacked or cloned.


If you feel your cell phone has been cloned or hacked, your provider might assign you a new number and phone.

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