How Do I Watch TV on My PS3?

Updated June 13, 2017

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) isn't just the most powerful gaming console on the market, it's a full-fledged multimedia powerhouse. With its networking and streaming capabilities, the PS3 can be used to view many of the television shows available online, such as the contents of, and Netflix On Demand, through the PlayOn software.This means all the latest dramas, sitcoms, reality shows and much more can be seen on your television without cable or satellite.

Go to and download the PlayOn software onto your computer. Install the software, which has a 14-day free trial period. Be sure that your computer meets PlayOn's minimum hardware requirements.

Open PlayOn and allow it to connect to your network.

Turn on your PS3, look under the "Video" section and find the PlayOn software.

You will find folders representing different video providers, including Hulu, Netflix, CBS, ESPN, CNN and more. Click on the folder to view subfolders of content, clicking again until you find the video selection you want.

Click your selected video and allow about ten seconds for playback to begin.

Press the triangle button to access the on-screen playback menu, which will allow you to adjust the picture and volume.

Visit and, where plug-in and script files can be downloaded for PlayOn. Plug-in and script files allow PlayOn users to access even more video content through the PS3. These user-made add-ons allow access to video from sites like,,,, and more.

Select the plug-in or script file you want and download it.

Install plug-in files by placing them in the C:\ProgramFiles\MediaMall\Plugins folder. Install script files by creating a "Scripts" folder within the C:\ProgramFiles\MediaMall\Plugins folder and placing them there. Restart PlayOn to activate plug-ins and scripts.

Access your personal accounts and user queues at,, and Amazon Video On Demand. From your home computer, open the PlayOn settings by right clicking on the PlayOn icon in your task bar.

Click the "Channels" tab. You will see icons representing sites like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

Enter your user name and/or password for the individual sites where you have memberships. Press "Test" to see if you entered your information correctly.


The PlayOn software has a 14-day free trial, but it costs £26 to buy. Make sure that your home network and computer are capable of running PlayOn to your satisfaction during the trial period before purchasing. PlayOn will work over a wireless network, but programmers recommend a wired connection for faster, better quality. The PlayOn software and plug-ins are updated often, so be sure to check to see if new versions are available. PlayOn has a "Local Media" option, which allows you to stream videos and music from your computer's hard drive to your PS3.


To keep your video running smoothly, make sure that your home computer isn't running lots of programs while serving video to your PS3. Plug-ins and scripts can cease to work if a content provider makes changes to their website. If this happens, check and for updated versions.

Things You'll Need

  • Home Internet connection
  • PS3 (network connected)
  • Personal computer (network connected)
  • PlayOn software
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