How to Replace a Tag Watch Battery

Updated April 17, 2017

Tag Heuer was founded in the 1860s in Switzerland, and is well known for mechanical chronograph watches. Specialising in Swiss luxury watches that are sporty and relatively affordable, Tag Heuer remains one of the most prolific Swiss watch brands today. Replacing a battery in a Tag requires special tools and instructions, but with these it is a simple task.

Place the watch face down on top of the soft cloth. This prevents the watch from being scratched or damaged.

Fit the watch case opener into the notches in the back of the watch. Follow the instructions that were included with your opener to adjust the size properly. Unscrew the back in a counterclockwise direction.

Remove the back from the watch. The battery will now be exposed.

Use the tweezers to remove the battery. Remove the small strap holding the battery with a small screwdriver if required.

Install the new battery in the same position as the old. Fasten any strap loosened to remove the battery.

Check that the rubber gasket around the edge of the watch is in its original position. Move it back into position if needed.

Close the watch back using the watch-case opener. Tighten the back in a clockwise direction.


A Tag dealer will be able to replace the battery and check the weather sealing for a fee. It is better to have a watch fully serviced by a dealer than to service it yourself.


Be careful when using metal tools near your watch, as the face and case can become scratched easily.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth
  • Watch-case opener
  • Replacement battery
  • Tweezers
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