How to Transfer Microsoft Points From One Xbox Live Account to Another

Updated March 23, 2017

Microsoft's Xbox 360 is a multifaceted electronics system: You can download movies, music and digital files--and play video games, too. You can also go online and play others on Microsoft's Xbox Live service. Online purchases are made with Microsoft Points, which are purchased beforehand. If you desire, you can distribute Microsoft Points to others through Xbox Live.

Turn on your Xbox 360 and press the "Xbox Guide" button on your controller

Press the "Guide" button again, then choose a player profile from the "Sign In" option.

Choose the "Messages" option, then "Create New."

Select a friend. If you are giving Microsoft Points to someone not on your Friends list, choose "Enter Gamertag" to input the person's information manually.

Input the Microsoft Points code, then click "Done."

Choose the "Send Message" option to send your Microsoft Points.


Microsoft Points cards that have already been redeemed cannot be transferred, nor can any points balance on an account.

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