How to Replace a Window Regulator in a 2001 Ford Focus

Updated February 21, 2017

The window regulator keeps the window glass in place on your Ford Focus. If there is something wrong with the regulator, it can break the window and damage other components within the door. Replacing the window regulator means removing the door trim panel and the window glass so you can get to the regulator. The process varies slightly for the front and the rear doors.

Disconnect the car's negative battery cable.

Insert a small screwdriver into one of the holes in the under the door's grab handle and twist it to unclip the cover trim. Pry out the plastic screw cover from the inner handle cavity with the screwdriver.

Remove the screws behind the cover trim pieces you just removed. Ease the bezel out of the door handle.

Disconnect the wiring connector for the window operation switch by unclipping it with the small screwdriver.

Undo all the securing screws around the door trim panel's outer edge--two in the front, two at the rear and two at the bottom. Pull the panel away from the door and rotate it upwards at the rear to remove it.

Rotate the side impact bolster counter-clockwise and remove it from its retaining clips. Pull the clips out of the door panel.

Unscrew and remove the speaker from the door and disconnect its electrical connector.

Unclip the door release handle from the front end of the door and slide the handle out forwards. Leave the handle attached to its cable.

Cut through the butyl strip on the weather shield with a knife or scraper so you can pull back the shield. Make sure you don't damage the plastic shield or door panel as you peel it back.

Undo the retaining screws to remove the one-touch down relay on the driver's side door. On a rear door, unclip the triangular inner trim panel from the window frame, loosen the retaining screws from the window runner guide and lift it out of the door opening.

Install the window operating switch to its electrical connector or the regulator handle to its splines temporarily, then lower the window glass until the glass support bolts/pins line up with the holes in the door.

Loosen but don't remove the bolts on the glass support bracket, or push out the pin and securing sleeve with a punch and retrieve them from the door. Lift the window glass and withdraw it from the outside of the door frame on front doors or the inside on rear doors.

Remove the mounting bolts for the regulator and electric motor and disconnect the multiplugs from the window motor. Unclip the regulator cables from inside the door panel on a front door.

Withdraw the window regulator from out the hole in the inner door panel.

Insert the new regulator into the door through the hole and position it in place. Apply the mounting bolts and connect the motor plugs.

Slide the window glass into the door and secue it with the bolts or the securing sleeve and pins.

Reinstall all other components and the door panel in reverse order of removal.

Things You'll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Knife
  • Wrench
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