How to find a discontinued wallpaper border

Updated February 21, 2017

Finding the perfect wallpaper border can complement a room's furnishings, and create a finished look. However, when that border becomes faded or starts to look shabby, it's time to replace it with a new version of that border stock. If the border pattern has been discontinued, you can explore several avenues to find the pattern. To avoid this problem in the future, order extra supplies of new wallpaper borders.

Check with your wallcovering dealer. First, look in the "bargain bin" for your discontinued wallpaper border stock. If your local store is part of a chain, ask the store associate to search for your border pattern at other company outlets. If that's not possible, ask the employee to call the border manufacturer for you.

Visit a wallcovering warehouse. Although you may have to travel some distance to the warehouse, there will be a good selection of styles and colours from various manufacturers. You may (or may not) find the border for which you're searching. If not, use this opportunity to take the room in a new direction. Choose a new border that fits with your current colour scheme.

Shop with an online discontinued border specialist. One firm features a huge selection of discontinued borders in 16 styles including animal, kid, floral, nautical and patriotic themes. Many times, you'll see images and complete descriptions, including the dimensions of the border roll.

Contact an online wallpaper closeouts site. Sort by style, along with first and second colour choice. Many listings will include an image and description, including the dimensions of the border roll.

Browse for the border on eBay. There's no guarantee that you'll find your elusive border there, and if you do, you may not find enough border stock for your project. Check this auction site regularly, since listings are updated frequently:

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