How to X-ray With Photoshop CS2

Updated March 23, 2017

Your home computer is an amazing piece of equipment that can perform many tasks and create numerous effects. One thing your PC can not do is create or take an actual X-ray. That would involve a trip to your hospital or health imaging facility. However, with Adobe Photoshop CS2 installed on your computer, you can mimic the look of an X-ray by applying a few steps to a digital image.

Double-click on the application icon for Photoshop CS2 to open the application.

Locate "Image" in the menu bar and click to open.

Click on the "File" menu button and locate your photograph, and click on "Open" to open the image. Alternatively, double-click on the actual image's icon to open the file.

Click on "Layer" in the menu bar, then on "Duplicate Layer."

Rename your layer to identify it. Click "OK."

Locate "Image" in the file menu and scroll down to "Adjustments." Note the submenu that appears on the right and click on "Invert."

Select "Layer" in the menu bar, and pull down menu to "Layer Mask" and choose "Reveal All."

Locate "Image" in the file menu and scroll down to "Apply Image."

Change the following properties in the window that appears:

Source: filename Layer: Background Channel: RGB Invert: Checkmarked Blending: Normal Opacity: 100%

Locate "Image" in the file menu and scroll down to "Grayscale."

Save your image under the Save menu.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital image
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