How to Adjust the Headlights on an Expedition

Updated February 21, 2017

The Expedition is a full-sized sport utility vehicle introduced by the Ford Motor Company in 1997 and is still in production as of 2010. The Expedition is based on the F-series half-ton truck and offers three-row seating and a large towing and hauling capability made possible by a 5.4 litre gasoline V8 engine. The headlights on your Expedition are made from composite plastic to absorb impacts from road debris without breaking. The headlight aim is set from the factory on your Expedition, but you may need to adjust the aim to keep from blinding oncoming traffic if you haul heavy loads.

Park your vehicle twenty-five feet from a wall perpendicularly. Measure the height from the centre of the 3mm circle on your headlight lens to the ground with a measuring tape and make a note of this measurement.

Make a horizontal line on the wall with masking tape using the height measurement obtained in the previous step. Make the tape line at least eight-feet wide and place it directly in front of the truck.

Turn on the headlights on the low beam setting and open the bonnet. Place a piece of cardboard over one headlight so that the other can be adjusted without interference.

Observe the headlight beam pattern made on the wall. Be aware that if the top of the beam pattern projects either above or below the tape line, your headlights with need to adjusted. Follow subsequent steps for headlight adjustment.

Locate the headlight adjustment screw located over each headlight. Use a Philips-head screwdriver and turn the screw in a counterclockwise direction to adjust your headlights down or a clockwise direction to adjust your headlights up. Make sure the top of the beam pattern is on the tape line.

Place the cardboard over the headlight after it has been adjusted so that the other headlight can be checked and adjusted. Use the same adjustment procedure on both headlights.

Close the bonnet once the headlight adjustment is complete. Turn off the headlights. Remove the masking tape from the wall.


There is no side-to-side adjustment for your Expedition headlights. This adjustment is set at the factory and cannot be changed.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Masking tape
  • Philips screw driver
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