How to Identify a Silver Hallmark Rose

Updated February 21, 2017

As a valuable metal consistently used in jewellery and artwork, silver has a long and colourful role in human society. Due to its value, silver pieces are often "marked" to identify them as authentic, and to identify their workmanship. These hallmarks can include a national mark, maker's mark and mark of purity. To identify your silver rose as an authentic piece, and to find out where it was made and by whom, look for these hallmarks.

Look for the hallmark. On pieces of jewellery, these marks are usually placed in hidden places: inside a ring or on the back of a pendant. On sculptures, like a silver rose, the hallmark will most likely appear on the bottom of the piece.

Identify the silver hallmark, using a magnifying glass if necessary. Identify national or silversmith marks, which are usually made up of pictures and designs. Search an online encyclopedia of silver marks to identify the silver mark on your specific piece.

Identify the purity of your silver. Along with the maker's mark, your piece should have a number stamped on it. The most common numbers are 800 and 925, which means that the silver is 800/1000 silver or 925/1000 silver, respectively.


Clean silver with silver polish and a soft rag to keep it shiny. Take a silver rose to a professional jeweller for help in your identification.


With appropriate cleaning silver will tarnish.

Things You'll Need

  • Magnifying glass
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