How to Open a Microsoft Money File

Updated March 23, 2017

Microsoft Money is a discontinued program that functioned similarly to programs like Quicken that keep track of your financial transactions. To view Microsoft Money files, you need a copy of this software. Here are some easy steps to get a view of your old MNY files.

Turn on your computer and either double-click the Microsoft Money icon or launch it in your list of programs through Windows Explorer.

Move your mouse cursor over to the "File" menu and scroll down to the "Open" tab.

Locate your money file (extension .MNY) on your computer. If you cannot locate it, go back to the "Start" menu and use the search utility. Type "*.mny" to find all Money files on your computer.

Double-click the particular money file you wish to open to view its contents.

Open your preferred Internet browser.

Visit the website by copying and pasting the link or typing it directly into your Web browser.

Click the link corresponding to your Microsoft Money file’s version. Use the version that matches up with your files, if you have Money 2006 files, use Money 2006, because of program compatibility issues.

Download the program to your computer and double-click the file to begin the extraction and installation process.

Your free trial will now allow you to view your MNY files using steps 2 through 4 from the first section of this article.


Since Microsoft Money has been discontinued, you will not be able to get a new version of the program. Older editions can be purchased used online from third parties.

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