How to Change a Honda Oil Filter

Updated February 21, 2017

As engine oil circulates throughout the engine, it lubricates the engine’s moving components and picks up minuscule debris particles left by normal engine wear. Were these particles allowed to continuously circulate throughout the engine, they would eventually reduce the engine’s lifespan. For this reason, the oil is forced to circulate through an oil filter. Like all other types of filters, the oil filter must be periodically replaced. The oil filters used by Honda mount directly to the side of the engine, making removal and installation fairly simple.

Park the Honda on a level surface, then allow the engine to cool. A cold engine will reduce the risk of burns from hot oil and will allow the majority of the oil within the engine to drain to the pan, thereby minimising the amount of oil that drips from the engine once the filter is removed.

Position an oil catch pan underneath the oil filter, where the filter attaches to the engine. When the filter is removed, a small amount of oil will likely drip out of the engine block.

Remove the oil filter from the engine. Oil filters are only supposed to be hand-tightened, making removal as simple as twisting the oil filter by hand in a counterclockwise direction until it disconnects from the engine. However, oil filters are commonly over tightened, making removal difficult. There are two different tools designed to remove a overly tight oil filter. The first is a traditional band and strap oil filter wrench. Slide the circular strap over the oil filter, then pull the handle to rotate the filter in a counter-clockwise direction. As the handle is rotated, the strap will tighten around the filter. The second tool is an oil filter grip wrench, which looks like a very large pair of pliers. Grasp the filter with the wrench and unscrew it from the engine block.

Spread a light coat of engine oil onto the rubber ring on the engine-side of the new oil filter with a fingertip. The rubber ring acts as a gasket to prevent oil from leaking out of the engine.

Pour new engine oil into the filter until the filter is approximately half full.

Screw the oil filter onto the engine only until the filter is hand tight.

Things You'll Need

  • Oil catch pan
  • Band and strap oil filter wrench or oil filter grip wrench
  • New oil filter
  • Engine oil
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