How to Make a Pocket in a Men's Suit Jacket

It is always frustrating when you purchase a suit or dress jacket and realise that it doesn't have an inside pocket. And in jackets that already have pockets, you may find it convenient to add a few more. These pockets are a great place to store your wallet, passport, or other important property. Luckily, you can install your own jacket pocket fairly quickly and easily.

Use a pencil to draw the outline of your pocket onto the fabric you have selected for your pocket. You can use the pocket on another suit jacket as a stencil or just create your own design.

Use the scissors to cut out the pocket from the fabric, leaving a 1/2 inch border around the entire pocket. Cut slowly and accurately, try not to leave any loose threads.

Pin the pocket into the jacket using the safety pin. Position it where you would like the pocket to be sewn in. Don't position the pocket too high or low or else it won't be easily accessible.

Fold under the 1/2 inch border of the pocket and begin to sew the borders of the pocket into place using a zig zag stitching pattern which will prevent fraying. The stitch should be approximately 1/8 inch from the corner of the inside of most jackets will have a lining that the pocket can be sewn to. Make sure you don't poke the needle all the way through the jacket when you are sewing, but instead, just sew over and under the inner lining.

Fold under the border of the fabric at the top opening of the pocket and sew this border to the pocket itself, but not to the inner lining of the jacket. This will create a nice seam that won't easily come undone.


Use scissors meant for cutting fabric to get the cleanest edges with the least fraying.

Things You'll Need

  • Suit jacket
  • Pocket fabric
  • Thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Safety pin
  • Pencil
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