How to Add Coolant to the AC on Ford Expedition

Updated February 21, 2017

You may start to notice your Ford Expedition’s air conditioner is forcing out warm air instead of cold, this is a sign that your air conditioning unit needs to be recharged with coolant. Another sign that is not as extreme is when your vehicle begins to take a long time to cool the inside of the vehicle. Coolant is the chemical, also called freon and refrigerant, that cools the air before being blown through the vents and into the vehicle. You can choose to bring your Ford to a mechanic to recharge the system, however this is a very expensive job. To save money you can purchase a R134a refrigerant kit and recharge the unit yourself.

Turn the Expedition off and allow the engine to cool down for 20 minutes.

Open the bonnet of the Ford Expedition and locate the service hoses and fittings. The low-side fitting is located on the hose coming off the accumulator. The high-side fitting is located on the hose coming off the compressor. Refer to the Ford owner’s manual for location and a diagram.

Insert the recharge service hose into the valve on top of the can of R134a. Open the valve; doing so will puncture the top of the can and allow coolant to be released. Close the valve quickly to prevent unnecessary loss of coolant.

Attach the recharge hose on the can of coolant to the low-side fitting on the air conditioning unit. Start the engine and turn the air conditioner setting to the highest available. Turn the R134a to allow vapours into the system.

Allow the system to charge until the can of R134a is empty. Turn off the engine and close the valve on the R134a. Disconnect the R134a recharge hose from the low-side fitting and close the Expedition’s bonnet. Recharge the Ford’s air conditioner whenever needed.

Things You'll Need

  • R134a refrigerant with recharge hose included
  • Owner’s manual
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