How to Change a Battery in a Tissot Touch

Tissot has been producing high-end luxury sports watches since the company was founded in 1853. Now owned by Swatch, it's an official partner to MotoGP and the world championships of cycling, fencing and ice hockey. The company recommends that you don't attempt to replace a worn out battery yourself and to take your watch to an authorised dealer or service centre should it need replacing.

Check your Touch watch's power reserve indicator. When the battery is low and needs to be replaced, the second hand will jump every four seconds. It's important to make sure that your battery is changed as soon as possible to avoid leakage and damage to the watch once the indicator has been triggered.

Navigate to and click on "Stores" at the bottom of the page.

Enter your location using the drop-down boxes to find a dealer or service centre near to you. You will be presented with a list of options and contact details.

Contact your nearest dealer or service centre to arrange an appointment to have your battery replaced.

Take your watch to the dealer or service centre as arranged. The price for replacing your battery may vary depending upon the dealer or service centre you use.


Attempting to replace the battery yourself or taking it to an unauthorised service centre could void your warranty.

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