How to Care for Newly Permed Hair

After spending the time and money on an expensive perm, care for your newly permed hair properly. Proper care will ensure your hair's health and vibrancy, and it will maximise the life and quality of your perm. Improper care can cause your new perm to lose some of the permanent curl. Because of the chemicals applied to hair during the perming process, newly permed hair is also more fragile. Use hair care products designed for permed hair to provide your hair with the best care.

Follow your hair stylist's instructions for washing your hair after your perm. This length of time depends upon your individual hair and the kind of perm the stylist used. Some stylists recommend waiting one day to shampoo and others recommend waiting two or three days. Wet your hair with plain water to style it during the time you are waiting to shampoo if you desire.

Wash and condition your hair with products designed for permed hair. These special hair care products are gentler on your fragile hair cuticles.

Blot your hair dry carefully with the towel. Do not rub it aggressively with the towel, and do not pull your hair up in the towel to the top of your head. This can damage your newly permed hair.

Comb through your hair first with your fingers. When your fingers go through your hair without tangling, switch to a wide-tooth comb. Comb gently without pulling. Never brush your permed hair when it is wet.

Apply a leave-in conditioner to your hair and work it through your hair from the scalp to the ends. Use a serum to prevent frizzing also, if desired.

Spray a thermal protectant spray on your hair before using any heat appliances on your hair. Apply the protectant spray liberally to your hair and comb it through to disperse it.

Avoid hair dryers when you have permed hair. Air-drying is best for permed hair because it will not dry your hair out excessively. If you must blow-dry your hair, use a blow dryer with a diffuser on the end and set the blow dryer to a cool temperature.

Things You'll Need

  • Shampoo and conditioner for permed hair
  • Towel
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Leave-in spray conditioner
  • Frizz-reducing serum
  • Thermal protectant spray
  • Hair dryer (with diffuser) (optional)
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