How to dry a 100% cotton sweater fast

Updated February 28, 2017

Cotton is one of the most comfortable, versatile and easy-to-find clothing materials. The downside to this material is that it shrinks when you first wash and dry it. If you simply hang the item up after washing it, the fabric may sag, stretch and take forever to dry. Sweaters are particularly troublesome because of the thick knitting. There are a couple tricks to drying your cotton sweaters without waiting forever or losing a couple of sizes in the process.

Towel dry

Wash the cotton sweater in cold water on the gentle cycle. Take the sweater out of the washing machine.

Lay a towel flat on a table or another flat surface. Place the sweater on the towel and roll the towel up tightly. Gently ring the towel tighter. The towel will absorb excess moisture.

Place the sweater on a flat surface to air dry. Smooth out any wrinkles while the sweater is still damp.

Tumble dry

Wash the sweater on a gentle cycle with cold water. Take it out of the washing machine once the cycle is complete.

Place the washed sweater into a home dry cleaning bag. If you decide to add other items to the bag, make sure it doesn't get more than half full. Usually you can only place up to four garments in the bag.

Unfold a home dry cleaning cloth and put it in the bag. Zip up the bag.

Place the home dry cleaning bag in your dryer. Turn the dryer to medium heat and turn on. You should dry your item for 15 to 30 minutes. Don't place anything else in the dryer while the home dry cleaning bag is in there.

Remove the sweater from the bag. It should still be slightly damp. If the sweater isn't damp, next time reduce the drying time to five minutes.

Lay the sweater flat to air dry and smooth out any wrinkles.

Things You'll Need

  • Towel
  • Home dry cleaning bag
  • Home dry cleaning cloth
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