How to Buy Blueberries Wholesale

Updated May 30, 2018

Blueberry season is brief, and blueberries are stuffed full of antioxidants and flavour so it makes sense to buy, cook and eat all the blueberries you can during blueberry season. If you're buying them for personal use, you can freeze as many as your freezer will hold and enjoy them all year. If you're buying them for a business, you can showcase them in desserts and even some main dishes while they're abundant and affordable. You can buy blueberries wholesale from a produce distributor or a blueberry farm.

Contact produce wholesalers in your area and ask about their process and requirements for setting up an account. Some wholesalers require you to provide credit information even if you will be paying for your orders COD. Fill out the necessary paperwork, if necessary, and wait for the company to process and create your account.

Place a blueberry order with the produce company using the ordering schedule that they provide.

Pick up your blueberry order at the produce distributor. Verify that the quantities and items that they provide match your order form.

Contact farms in your area that grow blueberries and ask them for wholesale price information.

Place an order with the farm that best meets your needs as far as price, quality and growing practices such as organic agriculture.

Pick up your blueberries at the farm or arrange for the farmer to bring them to a farmers' market for you.

Things You'll Need

  • Wholesale produce account
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