How to sell pine trees

Updated February 21, 2017

Selling mature pine trees to a lumber company or furniture manufacturer can bring in a nice profit. If you've got five acres of pine trees, Mississippi State's Office of Agricultural Communications estimates that you can earn £16,250 when the trees are mature. Pine stands take 35 years on average to mature, but you can make a small annual profit selling fallen pine needles in the meantime. If you're interested in a one-time sale, you can do most of the work yourself in finding a buyer. If you're hoping to make an annual profit from the pine trees on your property, a forester can help you maximise the results.

Examine your pine trees, estimating the number of trees you have and the average height of the trees. Measure the trunk circumference of several trees with your measuring tape. Write down the dimensions, including (if you know) the date the trees were planted.

Locate a forester near you by calling your County Extension Office, or by looking through the Association of Consulting Foresters website. Schedule an appointment for the forester to review your pine tree crop.

Ask the forester what the trees would be worth selling if you sold them immediately. Find out what they would be worth per year if you continued to manage the trees until they matured at a maximum profit level. Make your decision based on price and if you need the money all now, or would prefer a long-term investment.

Discuss a contract with the forester if you want to hire him to manage your pine trees. The forester will take care of thinning, growing and harvesting the trees every year. Landowners can also turn a profit yearly by selling fallen pine needles, sometimes called pine straw, something a good forester should explain.

Ask the forester for recommendations of buyers if you plan on selling all of your trees. Contact the recommended buyers via telephone. Let them know you have pine trees for sale. Provide images, measurements and other information to interested buyers and wait to see if you can reach an agreeable price.

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