How to Compress Video Files in Email

Updated July 19, 2017

The large size of video files makes it difficult to send them via e-mail because of file-size caps on some e-mail services. Additionally, attaching a large file makes the transferring process take a long time on both ends. Minimise these problems by compressing the video before you attach it by using archive software that will make your video smaller.

Download archive software such as WinRar or Winzip (see "Resources," below). Click on "Download Now" to begin downloading the installation file to your computer.

Double-click the installation file to install the program. Click "Next" through each part until the program installs.

Right-click on a file you wish to compress in an e-mail. Choose the "Compress and e-mail" option.

Click "OK" in the next screen that appears. Your e-mail program will now load, and you can input the email address where you want the file to go and send it out.

Right-click on a file and select "Add to archive" instead if you prefer to e-mail manually. Click "OK." Open your web browser and log in to your e-mail account. Click the "Attach file" button, and double-click on the archive you just made, which should be in the compressed RAR format. Add your recipient's e-mail address. Click the "Send" button to send the email.

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