Tips to Keep the Feet Warm

Updated February 21, 2017

When you are walking, camping, or working during cold weather, your feet are susceptible to the cold, especially if your shoes and socks get wet. Cold feet can be extremely painful and can lead to frostbite or illness. There are ways to keep your feet warm and dry even during the worst weather conditions.

Wear Wool Socks

Wear wool or synthetic-fibre socks instead of cotton. Cotton socks do not hold heat and take a long time to dry out if they get wet. Wool and synthetic-fibre socks hold heat and are thicker.

Maintain circulation

Do not wear multiple pairs of socks or lace your boots or shoes too tight. This hampers the blood flow to your feet, and without adequate blood flow, your feet get too cold.

Wear Waterproof Foot Gear

Wear boots and shoes that have a waterproof outer shell. Waterproof boots and shoes not only shed water, but they also keep your feet warm by holding in your body heat.

Attach Gaiters Over Shoes

If your feet are still cold while wearing waterproof boots or shoes, purchase gaiters and attach them over the tops of your footwear. Gaiters are available at outdoor and retail superstores, as well as online.

Wear Insulated Booties Indoors

Wear insulated bootees when walking around inside where you don't want to wear boots or shoes. Purchase bootees that have closed cell-foam insoles.

Use a Hot-Water Bottle

Place a hot-water bottle in a blanket and wrap the blanket around your feet when cold is a problem.

Wear Long Pants

Wear long trousers made of polyester, wool, or a blend of the two. They should not be too loose and should not be made of cotton. Keeping your legs warm will help keep your feet warm.

Remove wet footwear

Staying dry is a key to keeping your feet warm. Remove wet boots or shoes and socks immediately when coming back indoors. Use warm to hot water to warm up your feet and body in the bath or shower.

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