How to start a healthy drink business

Updated March 16, 2017

The healthy beverage industry is alive and well. According to, healthy drink manufacturers expect to see double-digit growth in the near future. For entrepreneurs, this just might be the time to strike and break into the industry. If you are planning your own healthy beverage, remember that research and careful planning are key. Running a business is hard work, but you'll reap significant rewards in the form of profits in your pocket and the knowledge that you are providing the public with a healthy drink choice.

Draft a business plan. Include in-depth research about the drink business and your competition. You must also include intricate details about how you intend to fund and operate the business. To help you draft this document, use the Small Business Administration's Business Planner resources located in the resource section below.

Obtain start-up capital. It is very expensive to start a business from the ground up. One beverage company started with £16,250 (see References 2). Use personal savings or obtain business loans.

Determine whether you intend to sell healthy drinks provided by a distributor or your own product. If you intend to sell your own product, consider leasing space to sell the product and space to produce the product. If you simply intend to sell healthy drinks, you should only need space to stock the supplies.

Unless you intend to operate as a sole proprietor (which will expose your personal assets to potential liability should you default on any loans or debts in the course of the business), you need to file certain documents such as articles of incorporation (for corporations) or articles of organisation (for limited liability companies). Consult a business attorney to determine which business format is right for you.

Obtain any permits or licenses. Since the business involves food and drink, you will have to obtain necessary licenses to sell such items from the Department of Health and Safety.

Develop your own healthy beverage or research suppliers and distributors of healthy drinks. Arrange meetings with those distributors to help you choose which brands to carry. If you intend to make your own healthy drink, you will need ingredients, as well as a means of producing large quantities of the drink.

Equip your store with refrigerators and coolers to keep your beverages chilled. Buy office equipment, such as cash registers and credit card machines.

Hire employees.

Advertise and market your business. Consider offering coupons or free samples to lure customers in.

Things You'll Need

  • Business plan
  • State licensing and permits
  • Start-up capital
  • Leased space
  • Beverage supplier
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