How to send a TV signal to a projector

Updated February 21, 2017

Home based projectors are used to enlarge the image of your computer, DVD player and television. If you have a television and the size of the image isn't as large as you would like, you can connect the TV to the projector. This sends a signal from the television to the projector, allowing you to view the image from your TV on a larger surface, such as a projector screen or light-coloured wall.

Connect the yellow RCA cable into the "Out" port on the rear of the television. TVs are not generally designed to send the picture signal out, so you are limited with the connection options. Often times the yellow RCA out port is the only connection you can use with the TV.

Plug the other end of the yellow RCA cable into the yellow RCA "In" port on the projector. The port is located on either one of the sides or the back of the projector.

Power on your television and set it to the channel or station you want to watch with the projector. This can also be a video input such as a DVD or gaming system.

Power on the projector and press the menu option. Chose the video input option and select the "RCA" video input. Wait for the projector to switch to the proper connector, and in a moment you can see the TV image on the projected screen.

Things You'll Need

  • Television
  • Projector
  • RCA cables
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