How to find your router password

If you have a secured wireless network in your home or office, you likely have a username and password. This information is required to log into and access the Internet through the wireless router. Also, if you want to change the username and password or adjust the settings of the router, you will need this information to access the router's set-up page. If you have forgotten the password information, access the default router information.

Locate the reset button on the back of your router. The small button may be recessed, so use a pen or pencil to push the button in and hold it in for up to 30 seconds. This clears the forgotten username and password information and resets the router to its factory settings.

Find the make and model of the router. Locate this information on the front and sometimes back of the router itself. You'll need the brand name, such as Linksys, and the model number. The model number is usually a small series of letters and numbers. Write this information down.

Find the default username and password information for your router (see Resource 1). Write down this information.

Click on the "Start" button in Windows and click on "Run." Type in "cmd" and click "OK." At the command prompt, type "ipconfig" and press enter. Look for a " default gateway address" in the list that appears. Write this IP address down.

Open the web browser on the computer and enter "http://" plus the IP address you found in Step 3 and press "Enter." This will bring you to the router's default set-up page.

Enter the default username and password you found in Step 3 for your router if prompted to do so. Proceed to Step 7 if you want to change the default user information; otherwise, your router password will remain the default one.

Navigate to the "Wireless security" settings tab on the router set-up page. The location of this link will vary from router to router. Under username and password, enter the desired username and password and click "Save." Write down this information and keep it in a safe location for future reference.


When prompted to enter a username and password on your computer to access the router, select the options for "Show password" and "Remember this network." This way, the password will be visible when you connect and the computer will remember the router information for easier access in the future.

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