How to Convert Percent to Grade Point Average

Updated July 05, 2018

Some high schools use percentages, or a 100-point scale, to quantify the academic performance of students rather than a traditional 4.0 scale for GPA, or grade point average. However, many college and scholarship applications will ask for a GPA rather than a grade percentage. To convert your percentages to a GPA, you need to know your average percentage and the conversion table used to convert your percentage into a GPA.

Add all of your class averages together. For example, if you took five classes and your grades were a 98, 94, 87, 82 and 89, you would get a total of 450.

Divide the total from step 1 by the number of classes you took. For example, if your total was 450 from five classes, you would have an average of 90 per cent.

Determine the scale being used to convert your percentage to a GPA. A common system converts an average from 94 to 100 as a 4.0, 90 to 93 as a 3.7, 87 to 89 as a 3.3, 83 to 86 as a 3.0 and so on. However, different schools may use different scales so you should contact the school.

Convert your average from step 2 to a GPA using the scale from step 3. For example, an average of 90 per cent would convert to a 3.7 GPA.


Some schools may use a formula to convert the percentage to a GPA rather than a table. For example, some may divide your average percentage by 100 and multiply by four. In this case, an average of 90 per cent would be equivalent to a 3.6 GPA. Be sure to contact the organisation you are reporting your GPA to determine which method to use.

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