How to Hook Up Additional Speakers to a Bose Wave Radio

Updated February 21, 2017

Bose Wave radios are designed to be stand-alone stereos that deliver superior sound for a compact audio component. The built-in amplifier is designed to power the pair of stereo speakers inside the Bose Wave, so connecting additional speakers requires an external power source to drive them. The easiest way to do this is with a pair of self-powered speakers, such as the kind designed for use with computer systems. Desktop speakers won't make power demands on the Bose and will, instead, enhance the radio's sound quality.

Turn off the Bose Wave radio while connecting external speakers.

Connect the audio cable from the left external speaker to the "Audio OUT" jack on the back of the right speaker using the mini-plug on the end of the cable.

Connect the "Audio IN" cable on the right speaker to the headphones jack on the back of the Bose Wave radio, inserting the mini-plug on the end of the speaker cable into the jack until it clicks into place.

Attach the DC power cord plug to the back of the right-channel external speaker and plug the transformer on the other end into a wall outlet.

Switch on the Bose Wave and set to the desired volume, then turn on the self-powered external speakers, typically by turning the on-off knob clockwise, and adjust the external speakers to the desired volume.


Place the external speakers on each side of the Bose and set them away from the main component for a wider separation of the stereo sound.


Turn down the volume before connecting external speakers to the Bose Wave or any other audio device to prevent damaging a component.

Things You'll Need

  • Self-powered desktop speakers
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