How to Create an Invoice in Microsoft

Updated March 23, 2017

Microsoft Office is full of ready-to-customise templates for businesses to utilise. Some of the most common templates used are invoice templates. You can create an invoice in several Office products including Word and Excel. Office invoice templates incorporate many common mathematical functions such as tax, extended price and total functions, allowing the user to simply plug in basic information and print a professional-looking invoice in minutes.

Open an invoice template. In the Office program of your choice, click on the "File" menu and then choose "New." A dialogue box will open. This will allow you to choose the template you are looking for. In Office versions prior to 2007, you will need to download an invoice template for Word from the Microsoft template library on the Web. There is one invoice template for Excel in versions prior to 2007. If you are creating an invoice in Excel, click on the "Other Documents" tab and double click on the "Invoice" template.

Enable or disable macros. Macros are the functions that are embedded in an Excel spreadsheet that allow certain calculations to be carried out. You can choose to allow those functions to continue to run or disable them. For the most part, it is OK to allow them to run.

Begin customising the template. In the Excel example, you can begin to enter your business information and other pertinent information directly into the template form. When you are satisfied with the invoice, print it.

Download another template. There are other invoice templates that can be downloaded for both Word and Excel. You can locate these templates by visiting and browsing through the multitude of invoices available. Pay special attention to the Office program and version the template is written in as you may not be able to use it. You can manipulate a downloaded template just as you did the preloaded template for Excel.


Not only can you manipulate the data on the invoice template, but also the different headings and formats of the actual template based on your own needs. Experiment with the form and create the type of invoice you need for your business.

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