How to Install Britax Car Seats

Updated July 20, 2017

Installing a car seat can intimidate you considering every brand and model is different. Britax produces top-of-the-line seats that make the process a little easier because the materials are of superior quality. Eighty per cent of car seats are installed incorrectly. It is important to fully understand the installation process to ensure your child's safety.

Determine the best seat in your vehicle to install the car seat. The back seat is always the safest choice. Children should never ride in the front seat unless you disable the airbag. If the vehicle has a full-size middle seat, that should be used since there is protection from side-impact crashes.

Place the seat in the designated area, facing the proper direction. Children younger than 1 year old should face the rear.

If your vehicle was made after 2002, there should be a "LATCH" system, which provides two anchors in the seat cushions near the lap belts. Using the tether provided, slide it through the slot on the seat and attach the tether to the two anchors. Tighten until the seat cannot be moved from side to side. If there is no LATCH system, slide the safety belt through the slot, fasten and tighten any slack.

Check the angle of the car seat. Because of variances in vehicle seats and car seat models, there is rarely a good fit between the two. All Britax models have a gauge on the side indicating the position angle. The angle must be appropriate to ensure the infant's head is positioned correctly and prevent the seat from tipping back in an accident. If the angle is incorrect due to the shape of the vehicle seat, try propping the seat with a rolled towel or pool noodle.

Use the locking clip on the seat belts if your belts are not self-locking. Slide the locking clip on the lap belt at the level of the buckle. This will prevent the belt from loosening during an accident or sudden braking.

Things You'll Need

  • Britax car seat
  • Locking clip
  • Towel or pool noodle
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