How to Wire a DC Motor

Updated February 21, 2017

Wiring a DC motor is simple and easy. DC stands for Direct Current and refers to the direction the current flows in the wire. Direct Current was invented by Thomas Edison. AC or Alternating Current is the most common current and is used in houses and businesses.

Cut two 12 inch lengths of wire. These will be used to connect the battery with the motor.

Strip off about a half inch of the insulator from each of the ends.

Attach one end to the battery with black electrical tape or solder. Attach the other end to one of the contacts on the motor.

Attach the other wire on the free motor contact. Connect it to the free terminal on the battery.


DC motors and wire can be obtained from many electronic parts stores.


Be careful when soldering Do not inhale solder fumes

Things You'll Need

  • DC motor
  • Wire
  • Battery
  • Solder or electrical tape
  • Wire strippers
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