How to Display Photos From Your Computer to Your TV

Updated March 23, 2017

Your home TV is probably larger than the largest computer monitor screen of 22 inches. When you connect your TV to your computer, you'll be able to turn your TV screen into a second computer monitor. This becomes helpful if you're entertaining a large group. You'll avoid taking turns standing around a small computer screen when you want to share photos with your friends and family.

Connect your digital camera directly to your TV. Most recently manufactured digital cameras are equipped with a video out cable that promotes connectivity between your camera and TV. Using this method will allow your photos to display from your digital camera directly to your TV.

Connect a digital media receiver to your TV. A digital media receiver allows you to play videos, music, and photos through your TV set. Use Windows Media Player 11 to select the photos you want to share with your digital media receiver. In addition you can use a PS3 or Xbox 360 as a digital media receiver, capable of displaying photos on your TV.

Insert your photo memory card into your DVD port. The Sampo DVE-631CF is an example of a DVD player that accepts input from a memory card. Though this type of set-up may be relatively inexpensive, you may be limited in terms of the number of pictures you can show on your TV. This is because of space restrictions on a memory card.

Convert your photos to a DVD slide show. Use software such as Microsoft Photo Story 3 or DVD Picture Show to execute the conversion. You'll be able to add special effects, music and menus to your slide show. Once you convert your photos, you can burn them onto a DVD. From that point, insert your DVD into your DVD player to display your photos on your TV set.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital media receiver
  • Digital camera video in cable
  • DVD player
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