How to Find the IP Address of a Proxy Server

Updated June 02, 2017

A proxy server is used to access the Internet. There are open proxy servers on the Internet, but these servers are usually for internal networks. The office administrator sets up a proxy server, and it's used to filter Internet traffic. In some proxy server setups, it speeds up Internet browsing for the users by caching pages onto the server. If you have a proxy server set-up, the configurations are located in your web browser. After retrieving the web browser proxy server settings, you can use the "ping" command from the Windows command prompt to view the proxy server's IP address.

Click the "Tools" menu item in Firefox and then select "Options." In Internet Explorer, click the "Tools" button and select "Internet Options."

Click the "Network" tab in Firefox and then click the "Settings" button in the Connections section. In Internet Explorer, click the "Connections" tab, then click the "LAN Settings" button.

View the proxy server settings in your web browser. The proxy server address listed in the "HTTP" section shows the name of the server. To get the IP address, you can ping the server's name.

Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Run." In the text box, type "cmd" and press "OK." This opens the DOS command prompt.

Type "ping " into the command prompt. Replace "" with the proxy server settings found in the web browser's settings. When the command is executed, the IP address is shown in the output.

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