How to Connect Your PlayStation to an LCD TV

Updated April 17, 2017

While video game fans were unable to enjoy game play on the old projection screen televisions because of signal burn in that would leave game graphics permanently embedded on the screen, LCD televisions provide big-screen solutions for video gamers. If you have recently purchased an LCD television and want to hook your PlayStation up for some gaming fun, you can do just that by following a few quick and easy steps.

Examine the back of your LCD television to ascertain where the RCA-style inputs are located. You can recognise them by their inner sleeves, which are coloured yellow, red and white. Yellow is the video input, while red and white are the left and right audio inputs. The input may be labelled "Video" or as a numbered input ranging from one to 10 depending on the make and model of your television.

Place your PlayStation on a flat, stable surface within two feet of the television's input panel. This is where the machine will stay, so make sure this spot also ensures your controllers can reach easily from it to where you normally sit.

Connect the flat end of the PlayStation connection cable into the back of the PlayStation in the corresponding port.

Connect the RCA-style end to the corresponding television inputs you identified in Step 1. Make sure to connect yellow to yellow, red to red and white to white. For a cleaner appearance, wrap the excess cable in a bread twist or tie wrap to keep it neat and orderly.

Plug in your PlayStation's power cord and turn on both the PlayStation and the television. It is best to have these devices plugged into a power strip that has a surge protector. That way, a power surge cannot bring an end to the life of your TV or game system.

Refer to your TV's specific owner's manual on how to tune the TV to the specific input the PlayStation is on. Normally, this input will be labelled in an onscreen menu with the same name you noted when looking for the input during Step 1.

Tune the TV to the proper input. Place a game in the PlayStation, and then sit back and enjoy your gaming.

Things You'll Need

  • LCD television
  • PlayStation
  • PlayStation connection cable
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