How to Create & Print a License Plate Online

Updated March 23, 2017

In order to get an official personalised number plate, you have to apply through your state's department of motor vehicles, but there is a way to have your own unofficial plates printed using online services. The plates can contain any personalisation options that you desire, including letters, numbers, phrases and pictures. These are also popular with fraternity and sorority members who want to proudly represent their organisations.

Visit a website that specialises in the design and production of custom number plates. Websites include,, and

Choose a template for your personalised number plate. This can be anything from a beach-themed design or a simple solid coloured plate. The plate designs may be grouped by category, such as sports or business themes. Pick a backdrop that represents your personal style and preferences.

Choose the colour that you want for your frame if there are multiple choices for the template you selected. Select a colour for the font as well.

Click the option to start customising your plate design choice. Type in the message that you want displayed on your plate. For example, for a sports themed plate you can type in "Go Tigers!" You can also simply write your nickname on the plate or a series of letters and numbers that fit into the template (for instance, ULUVME2)

Add an image to the plate if that option is available. The service may have a library of popular images or clip art for you to choose from.

Preview the finished plate and save it. The service may give you the option to choose the material that the plate will be printed on, such as aluminium (metal) or plastic.

Type in the number of plates that you want and view the cost (there may be a quantity discount available). Purchase the sign and allow up to two weeks for production and delivery depending on the service.


If your state requires you to have two plates on your car, do not replace one of your official number plates with this custom number plate. It is not accepted by the governing authority.

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