How to Wear an Eternity Ring

Updated February 21, 2017

An eternity ring is a symbol of continued love between a husband and wife. Often given as an anniversary present or after the birth of a child, it sometimes replaces the woman's wedding ring. Unlike wedding rings, there are no specific stones or settings considered to be standard. The size and number of stones in the ring, along with the actual composition of the ring is purely the decision of the giver and receiver. Many times, the giver will choose a ring to match his mate's wedding ring, but it is not required etiquette.

Size your eternity ring to fit the third finger of your left hand. This should be the same finger on which you wear your wedding and engagement rings.

Decide which of your rings to wear with your eternity ring. Replacing your engagement ring with an eternity ring is an accepted practice. The eternity ring may also replace both the wedding and the engagement ring if you choose. If the rings are small enough, you may wear your eternity ring with a wedding set. It should be worn on the outside, farthest from the hand.

Place the ring on your ring finger with the stones facing upward.


Make sure your ring fits snuggly on your finger, especially if worn with your wedding or engagement ring. You don't want to lose or damage your ring.


Replacing your wedding ring with an eternity ring may symbolise being divorced in certain social settings. This may be a reason to replace only your engagement ring.

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