How to Donate & Get Free Address Labels

Updated March 23, 2017

Making donations to your favourite charitable cause is a worthwhile and rewarding endeavour. With so many worthwhile charities, most charities operating in the United States realise that they must actively compete for every dollar contributed. One of the most practised methods of attracting and retaining donors is the thank-you gift, and one of the most popular gifts charities offer is a sheet of pre-printed address labels. Unfortunately, many would-be contributors don't know how to get these useful tokens of appreciation.

Locate the website of your selected charitable organisation online. If you received a flyer from the company in the mail, this should have the web address on it.

Find the "Contact us" option on the charity's welcome page and send an e-mail informing them of your desire to donate. Ask if they offer address labels as a thank-you gift. Not many organisations list their thank-you gifts on their websites, so asking directly may be the only way to know for sure if this gift is offered.

Follow the steps to donate online once you have confirmed the charity will send you address labels for your donation. Make sure you enter your address information exactly as you want it to appear on the labels.


Most of the larger, more reputable charities offer address labels. However, if the organisation you want to donate to does not, suggesting it may prompt them to adopt the practice since it is an inexpensive way to show appreciation to donors. You can also request a donation form and information on the organisation's thank-you gifts by mail.


Pay close attention to the organisation's privacy policy to ensure they will not sell or distribute your personal information to other organisations.

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