How to Sell Air Miles

Updated July 19, 2017

Are you an airline passenger who's tired of stacking air miles that you can't use? Due in part to blackout dates and other restrictions, amassing a large number of air mile points can be more trouble than it's worth. Although it's simple to buy them through the airlines or a third-party company, you can't sell them directly to another party. Airline restrictions prevent you from doing this directly. In the majority of programs, there isn't any way to transfer miles from one account to another. There are, however, ways around the restrictions. And with a little know-how, you'll be bartering your air miles in no time.

Contact BizTravel Brokers at 1-800-917-7660. Inform the customer service representative of your desire to redeem miles for an award ticket with the intent of selling that ticket to a hopeful buyer. Request that they conduct the function on your behalf.

Next, ask the broker to connect you with a buyer who is looking for deep, discounted airfares with your airline. Tell the broker that you need to move your air miles from your account and change the airline ticket into the name of the buyer.

Give the broker your total air miles. Find out if you have enough miles for an award ticket that meets the requirements of the proposed buyer. Ask the broker about payment details. You'll need to have the broker pay you (the seller) so that the award ticket can be printed up through the airline in the buyer's name.

Tell your broker to set the price for the transaction. Charge the buyer a large enough fee to cover costs. A profit margin must also factored into the final price. Get several possible dates of travel from the buyer in case you don't get the reservations requested during your first few attempts at desired dates. Some major airlines will restrict the number of air mile seats made available on flights where air miles can be utilised.


Sell your air miles through a reputable third party. If you attempt to accomplish this task on your own, you'll be in violation of the terms and conditions of the airline's program.

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