How to Buy a Bilberry Plant

Updated February 21, 2017

The bilberry plant can be difficult to find in a gardening centre or nursery, since it is a rare fruit plant grown in very few parts of Europe, North America, and Asia. The bilberry fruit is good for human consumption and benefits health due to its high content of antioxidants. The fruit of the bilberry looks like a dark blue pea and they taste sweet and juicy. Harvesting one bilberry plant will yield about 1.81kg. of berries.

Go to the website Sand Mountain Herbs to purchase bilberry seeds. Pay using your PayPal account, which is free to set up and use if you have a debit or credit card.

Go to the Hartmann's Plant Company website to purchase a fully grown bilberry plant in a 4-inch container. Hartmann's is a nursery in Michigan and one of the only suppliers online selling bilberry plants.

Type in the quantity of bilberry plants you desire and hit "Add to basket." Click on the "Checkout" button listed at the top and create a user account. You will need to supply your name, billing and shipping address, and credit card information. They will ship the plant within a business day of receiving your order.


The bilberry plant will not grow well in tropical climates.

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