How to Thread a Rex Sewing Machine

Updated February 21, 2017

Sewing machines first appeared in the 19th century and were operated by a foot pedal. With the addition of an electric motor, the sewing machine became even more user-friendly. Rex sewing machines have been used in the garment industry for many years, but the company offers several machines for home use. Know how to thread your Rex sewing machine before you begin your sewing project.

Place a bobbin of thread into the spring-loaded receptacle on the machine. Position the bobbin in the receptacle so that the flow of thread will come from the top right of the bobbin.

Pass the end of thread from the bobbin through the eyelet on the arm that the needle is mounted to.

Pass the end of thread over the top of the circular tension controller on the arm opposite of the needle. Do not continue to wrap the thread around the tension controller.

Insert the thin looped wire end of a needle threader into the eye of the sewing machine needle from the back side.

Insert approximately 1 inch of the end of the thread into the looped wire of the threader.

Pull the threader out of the eye of the needle and place it aside, ensuring the thread stays in the eye of the needle.


A regular spool of thread can be used instead of the machine's bobbin. Pull the bobbin out of its spring loaded mounting on the sewing machine and place it aside. Insert the extension spindle--included with the machine--into the hole in a spool of thread. Push the extension onto the bobbin shaft until it is fully seated. The thread tension can be adjusted by twisting the tension control knob to the left if the stitching is too tight or to the right if the stitching is too loose.

Things You'll Need

  • Needle threader
  • Spool of thread (optional)
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