How to Disconnect a Weber Propane Tank

Updated February 21, 2017

The convenience and quick grilling times of Weber propane grills make them among the most popular gas grills on the market. As with all gas grills, the propane tank must be replaced periodically. This requires properly disconnecting the propane tank before replenishing it.

Turn the silver gas main knob atop the propane tank clockwise until it stops. Then give it one last hard clockwise turn to ensure the gas is sealed off.

Locate the regulator valve connected to the top of the tank. This typically is a plastic or rubber piece that threads onto the tank, attaching it to the grill.

Turn the regulator valve connector counterclockwise until it releases from the top of the propane tank.

Scan the grill bottom for any nuts, bolts or wing nuts attaching the ringed bottom of the propane tank to lower grill shelves or bases. Loosen any fastening nuts or bolts to release the tank from the grill base.

Lift the tank straight up and then out from under the grill.


Keep a spare propane tank on hand for quick replacement in case attached tanks run out in the middle of grilling. Reverse these steps for installing new propane tanks. Weigh tanks to ensure they are full or empty. A full 20-pound propane tank actually weighs about 17.2 Kilogram (tank plus gas). An empty tank weighs closer to 9.07 Kilogram.


Never remove propane tanks near open flames, such as patio tiki torches or candles, to avoid explosions. Tighten the silver gas shutoff valve following each use to avoid gas leakages. If using a combination charcoal-gas grill, ensure all charcoal fires completely burn out before changing out propane tanks.

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