How to Fix Wayne Dalton Garage Door Openers

With a few simple steps, you can troubleshoot and repair a Wayne Dalton garage door opener relatively easily. You may have been faced with a garage door that will not go up or down. This is typically caused by a either faulty circuit board or misaligned photo eyes, both of which are easily diagnosed. By following the steps below you can determine where the problem lies and make the decision to repair or replace the broken elements. Wayne Dalton garage door openers utilise photo eyes, which function as a safety feature to ensure that no object or person is in the path of the door as it comes down.

Determine if the photo eyes are misaligned. Check if both lights are steady, rather than blinking or fading in and out, indicating a problem. If so, realign the photo eyes by adjusting the hardware. Use a universal screwdriver to tighten the mounting screws. If the lights on both photo eyes are solid, they have been realigned. You may need to replace them if this fails to fix the problem. They are sold in pairs, as one functions as a transmitter and the other a receiver.

Inspect the wires for any irregularity or breakage by following their path up to the circuit board on the head unit of the motor. Unplug (or unscrew) and then reattach the wires into the motor.

If the door is still not in proper working order, you must replace the circuit board. Wayne Dalton garage door openers, regardless of model, are controlled by circuit boards. The circuit board needs replacing if: • The light on the wall is not illuminated • The photo eyes are not illuminated • The door is in the closed position and cannot be moved

Locate the serial/model number, which is most commonly found on the back of the head unit. It is typically made up of letters and numbers and varies in length from 10 to 15 characters. Use this number to order the replacement circuit board through a certified Wayne Dalton dealer.

Disconnect the circuit board by removing the mounting screws, making sure to remove any internal wiring held in place with pin clips. It may be necessary to remove the motor cover first. Take note of each wire as you remove it, making it easier to reattach them to the new circuit board. Attach the new circuit board with the mounting screws making sure to reconnect each of the wires. All wireless remotes will need to be re-programmed to the new circuit board as per the manufacturer's instructions. The most common cause for broken motors is a lightning storm or a surge of power that runs from the power outlet through the circuit board. A simple, yet cost-effective way to prevent this is to add a surge protector to the outlet that powers the motor.


It is absolutely necessary to disconnect power from the garage door opener before you attempt to remove the broken circuit board or install the new one.

Things You'll Need

  • Universal screwdriver
  • 6-foot ladder
  • Mounting screws
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