How to Play Movies From PC to TV

Updated February 21, 2017

Playing movies from your PC to your TV is a convenient way to watch any videos on your computer on a big screen. Also, if you have a DVD player on your computer, you can use it as the DVD player for your TV. All computers have some sort of a video output, and almost all televisions have a video input. The key is just matching them up and finding the right connector cable.

Look in the back of your computer to find the video output (it may be on the side for some laptops) Most likely it will be an S-video (circular with little pinholes), component (three circular, one big hole) or HDMI and DVI (rectangular) output.

Look in the back of the television to find the video output. It should have at least one of the three and hopefully can match your computer's.

Connect the computer's output to the television's input using an appropriate matching cable. If available, the best-quality image will come from an HDMI and DVI output, next is component and last is S-video.

Turn on your television and computer and change the television's video input to the corresponding input (occasionally labelled near the TV's input port). The computer's image should appear on the television.

Connect an audio output from the computer to speakers (this may either be a surround sound system or the TV's own audio input). Alternately, you can use the computer's internal speakers.

Play the video from the computer. The image should play on the television.


When connecting computers to the television, you will need to change the aspect ratio and resolution for the ratio to appear correct. Go into the computer's display settings and find an appropriate resolution. Some computers may automatically detect the settings; others may need more testing. Some computers have DVI output some have HDMI, they are compatible and essentially the same quality although DVI often does not contain audio data.

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