How to Transfer PC Images to TV

Updated February 21, 2017

Digital photography not only is quick, inexpensive and convenient, it also allows for pictures to be viewed on a variety of digital mediums. Not only can digital pictures be sent through e-mail or blown up on a digital projector, they can also be viewed on your television set from your PC.

Determine what type of cable you need to use, either HDMI, DVI, or S-video. This is dependent on what your computer and TV have. Many modern TVs and computers have HDMI and DVI ports, while older computers and TVs will probably have to settle for S-video, which is adequate but has noticeably poorer quality than HDMI or DVI. If you are unsure of which port is which, consult the manuals of your TV and computer, which should have them clearly labelled.

Connect the HDMI, DVI, or S-video ports of the TV and computer via a compatible cable (once again, an HDMI, DVI, or S-video cable depending on the available ports). On computers, the ports are usually on the back of the tower or the side of a laptop. On TVs, the ports are almost always on the back, with the exception of some TVs that have the ports on the side.

Set the TV to the corresponding video channel. Pressing "Source" or "Input" on the remote should bring up a menu allowing you to choose between either the HDMI, DVI, or S-video inputs. Select the one you used.

On the computer, right-click on your desktop background and select "Graphics Properties" followed by "Output to TV," and your desktop should show up on the TV. Your computer monitor may go blank during this time.

Open your favourite picture viewer to begin streaming the pictures on your television.


Some TVs, particularly newer models, have USB inputs that allow you to display images from given flash drives. To do this, simply save the selected images onto a flash drive and then plug it into the TVs USB port. You will typically be prompted with a menu allowing you to navigate the images.

Things You'll Need

  • HDMI, S-video or DVI cable
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