How to open a perfume atomizer

Updated April 17, 2017

Perfume atomisers are great for carrying and displaying your favourite fragrances. An atomiser is a small bottle or jar that converts a liquid into a fine mist or controlled spray. You can open most perfume atomisers by either unscrewing the pump from the bottle or removing the inner bottle. Opening a perfume atomiser is easy once you understand what type of atomiser you are dealing with.

Remove the top of the atomiser. To do this, place your fingers below the atomiser pump. Firmly grip the space between the bottle and the pump with two fingers and gently twist to the left. This should unscrew the pump portion of the atomiser away from the bottle. Once the pump has been removed, fill the bottle with fragrance. Screw the cap back on by replacing the pump on the bottle and turning to the right until it is firmly attached.

You can open an inner-bottle atomiser by placing your fingers between the pump and the decorative bottle. Gently pull the bottom of the pump upward. As you pull you will see an inner bottle come out. Unscrew the pump from the inner bottle as directed in the previous step. Fill the inner bottle with fragrance and replace it firmly in the decorative bottle.

If neither of these methods works your atomiser may open from the bottom. Turn the atomiser upside down and look for a small flat screw or door. The screw should be readily visible and you will be able to grip it with your fingers. Turn the screw to the left to begin removing the screw from the bottle. Once the screw is removed you can fill the atomiser with fragrance.


You can often tell which way your atomiser opens by the type of bottle it features. Small travel-sized atomisers usually use a inner bottle. The casing protects the inner bottle from breaking in your purse or pocket. Larger decorative bottles usually use a twist-off cap or bottom screw.


Be gentle when opening your atomiser. Twisting or pulling too hard can cause glass or plastic pieces to shatter.

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