How to use wahl clippers

Updated February 21, 2017

Wahl is an established manufacturer of clippers since the mid-20th century. Wahl produces a variety of clipping products for people and pets as of 2009. Proper use and maintenance of the clippers is essential to enhance their longevity.

Read the manual provided with the clippers. Wahl provides a manual for all its products, and different clippers may have diverse guidelines.

Plug in the clippers or use on battery power and turn on the switch to begin use. Operation of this product can be through electricity or through batteries, depending upon your model. Use a mirror if you are using the clippers on yourself.

Adjust the blades of the clipper for the hair being trimmed. For example, the universal blade for corded home kits is 1045, which also comes with two screws. The 2094 is the blade for the HomePro corded or the cordless models. To get a smooth and even cut, the teeth at the front and back blade must overlap at about 1/32nd of an inch. If the clipper is making too much noise or rattling, then it might not be tuned properly or is not operating in maximum power.

Clean the clippers after every use. Hold the unplugged clipper at a descending or downward angle. This would ensure that you can wipe off all the excess hair with the help of a small cleaning brush. A drop of oil may be used for cleaning. Unscrew the blades to clean them separately.


Clippers should be used as instructed. Don't use pet clippers on humans. Go for regular cleaning and sharpening of blades. Choose the right product for your requirement.

Things You'll Need

  • Owner's manual
  • Clippers
  • Mirror
  • Brush and oil for cleaning
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