How to Remove a Telephone Number From Mailing Lists

Updated February 21, 2017

Your telephone number may be why you are receiving so much junk mail. When you place an order online or sign up for a credit card, your phone number is often placed on a mailing list, where individuals and companies can find your address and send you junk. Luckily, there are a few ways you can cancel this information and remove your telephone number from mailing lists.

Contact any magazine or charitable group you have recently subscribed to or made a donation to. These companies and organisations often sell your information to other companies. Tell the company to remove your telephone number from the list it is renting out.

Call your banks or any other financial institute that has your banking and financial information. Tell them to not release your personal information, including your phone number, name and address.

Skip filling the "Change of Address" form if you move. Instead, change your address with companies you need information from. Otherwise, if you do fill out the form, junk mail is going to follow you wherever you move.

E-mail a company called Abacus. Whenever you purchase a product from a catalogue or even online, your information is typically sent to this organisation, which then rents it out. E-mailing this organisation and stating you want it to stop is going to remove your telephone information from the mailing lists.


Stop junk mail too. Call Publishers Clearinghouse at (800) 645-9241. Say you don't want information mailed to you.

Things You'll Need

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