How to Set Up a Formal Letter Heading

Because business letters are meant to be professional, you should observe a certain protocol when writing them. A business letter should have six parts: date, sender's address, recipient's address, salutation, body and closing. The date and the sender's address are considered to be the formal letter heading. This is easy to create.

Open a program on your computer, such as Microsoft Word, that will allow you to create documents.

Set the margins for your document to 1 inch on the left and 1 inch on the right. You can click on the "Format" option to set the margins if you don't see the draggable ruler at the top of your page.

Set your text alignment to "Flush Right" so that the text appears on the right side of your page. To align the text, simply click on the alignment button on your Formatting Toolbar. The alignment button will appear as rows of lines. If your formatting toolbar is not visible, click on "View," "Toolbars," and "Formatting" to make it visible.

Press "Enter" on your keyboard one time to create a space between the lines of text. Your keyboard may have a "Return" key instead.

Type the date of the letter. An example of the date format is January 22, 2012.

Press "Enter" once on your keyboard.

Type the address at which you desire to receive any reply. This can be your street address or a P.O. box.

Press "Enter" one time on your keyboard.

Type the city, state and Postcode associated with your address.

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