How to Decorate a Sweets Table for a Wedding

Updated July 20, 2017

A candy and sweets table--filled with cookies, cakes and all types of candy--is a fun way for guests to help themselves to wedding favours, and can be a beautiful addition to your reception hall. Deck out your sweets table to match the decor of your overall event. It can be whimsical, elegant or modern depending on the colour scheme and the types of sweets, containers and linens you choose.

Gather your materials--including glass jars, scoops, candy and sweets--near the table where you plan to set up your candy buffet.

Cover the sweets table with your tablecloth and arrange twinkle lights around the edge or snaking through the middle of the table. Gently lay sheer material over the lights, leaving it loosely draped.

Arrange your empty containers and plates, placing taller jars in the back and shorter pieces in the front. Load your serving plates and containers with candy and sweets.

Use invisible tape to attach a length of thin ribbon to the backs of some candy labels and thin wooden dowels to the backs of others. Finish the dowels by tying a small bow around the stick, just at the base of the label.

Tie hanging labels around the mouths of some candy jars. Place dowelled labels into the mouths of other jars.

Arrange candy bags at either end of the table and place scoops in the centre of the table. For added interest, scatter flower petals among the jars of candy, place remaining stems in one of the vases and place flameless votive candles on the table.


In addition to your favourite candies, include bite-sized sweet favourites like cookies, cupcakes and tarts. Make sure to set up your table near an outlet so you can plug in the lights. If no outlet is available, or if you want to use both sides of the table, place LED flameless candles on the table to achieve a similar effect. Place boxes or lifts under the tablecloth to create a higher plateau for some of the jars. Add a few personal touches, like Grandma's homemade cookies.


Make sure you have enough sweets for each guest to enjoy. Keep extra bags underneath the table and assign a server or personal attendant to refill when necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass jars, plates, vases and candy containers
  • Candy scoops, tongs and serveware
  • Assorted candy and sweets
  • Tablecloth
  • Twinkle lights
  • Sheer material
  • Candy labels printed on card stock
  • Thin ribbon
  • Small wooden dowels
  • Invisible tape
  • Flameless votive or tealight candles
  • Flowers
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