How to Replace a Cricket Bat Grip

Updated February 21, 2017

Cricket is the national sport of England. Played since the 16th century, cricket is one of the forerunners of the American sport of baseball. Like baseball, cricket uses a combination of bat and ball as the driving force of the game. Just like a baseball bat, a cricket bat has a handle grip used to help players hold onto it. As the bat gets use, this grip can begin to tear and break away. To keep the bat in good shape, you will need to replace the grip.

Remove the old grip from the bat. Starting from bottom of the handle, roll the grip down the bat until it comes off.

Roll your new grip into a doughnut shape. The centre hole should be the width of the handle.

Place the thick side of the cricket bat grip applicator on the base of the cricket bat handle. Place the rolled-up grip on the applicator so it sits on the thick end.

Push the rolled up grip onto the cricket bat so it is on the bottom of the bat handle. Remove the applicator from the bat handle

Roll the grip down from the bottom of the handle, making sure it is smooth and covers the entire length.


Using an applicator will make this process simple. You can choose from several different applicators on the market.


Make sure you slowly unroll the new grip so it goes on smoothly. If the grip has any bumps, you will have to reapply it.

Things You'll Need

  • Cricket bat grip
  • Cricket bat grip applicator
  • Cricket bat
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